Untold Stories. (Poem 1 NaPoWriMO)

In closed bottles cracked up,
Live around a hearts cold,
Breathing out the last moments,
Before rattling into pieces which pierce through the skin,
Blood all black; no emotions flow
Lighting the night with stories untold.

In yellow pages old,
Words fade like moss and fog,
written haphazardly with tears of gold,
Now subdued like mere brown spots,
Like scars and wrinkled skin,
Someone hugs these papers now and then,
To bring out the memories untold,

In eyes finding the light, about to close,
hide a few secrets,
Crushing the hearts,
The mouth tries to open,
No words to moan,
For soon when stars crumble,
sky will tear up and groan,
The secrets will vanish in the air, Forever untold.


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