Lifeless Lively World (Poem 6 NaPoWriMo)

Hello fellow people! I hope you all are doing well. Today’s prompt was to write a poem from the point a view of something from the painting of Hieronymous Bosch’s famous (and famously bizarre) triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights
I chose to write from the point of view of ‘The Dragon Tree’ which is the symbol of immorality and also known as ‘The Tree of Life’. It has been a new experience for me and it is the first time I’ve tried to write something like this. I hope you find this one exciting.

As the Hercules killed the Dragon Ladon,
The blood ran rivers across the immortals,
I stood there barren lifeless,
Holding a little rooting life deep down.

The tree of life as they adorn me,
The Lord from heaven implanted thee,
Dracaena Draco they raged and roared,
Rooted me forever to watch the plea of sapiens.

Adam and Eve roam in the lonely fields,
The creator stared in their eyes fulfilling their will,
Thus, started the immorality of wicked,
Hundreds of Adams and Eves parted.

Fountain of life started to flow,
Birds and Animals all kinds of glow,
Holy water for the purest ones,
Poises the demons who grow the thorns.

All the colors of birds gather,
where evil has carved a cave for prey,
And these colors fume when desire appends,
Black surrounds the world before the night begins.

The Bosch owl looks at me and smiles,
He is the devil we all demise,
He prevails and spreads doom with its shining eyes,
How long will these humans survive?

Nobody listens to the cries of the stiff,
The lust has reaped the perishable sheep,
The moors seen at some places adhere,
Mostly hidden by others in the rule.

These men are covered in globe unseen,
Wanting to concur the greed within,
The fountain of paradise began to the dime,
As men circle women to satisfy.

The Vogel flies through the minds,
Rivers turn darker each second,
Smiles concur the devil within,
Maybe, Bosch wanted these to deprive.

Thunderstorms and gloom above the sky,
Greed showers as the devil on land,
Ears are cut so the robbery isn’t heart,
One’s who wake up are thrashed with a sphere.

The fire rises and the earth sinks,
Along the deadly nights killing mother from deep,
Nobody wishes to die alone,
Even when the death is near they wish for more.

He carved me here deep-rooted,
Bury here to look at soulless,
The Tree of Life is always alive,
Watching the Garden of Earthly Delight pay for its sins.


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