The Owl-y diet (Poem 7 NaPoWriMo)

Well Hello, and welcome back for another poem! Again, this was a new experience for me. Today’s prompt was to form a poem using some news. It took some time for me to find the news everyone would find interesting. Here it is though, I hope you all like it!
Please share your reviews as well!

The news I have chosen for this poem is: This Rescue Owl Was ‘Too Fat To Fly,’ So The Sanctuary Had To Put Her On A Diet.
I request you to read it before or after reading the poem. But if you are too lazy to read it, jump right to the poem! 🙂

Oh my god! This new world,
The owl is starred for fat word,
And now get ready for breaking news,
No! Not yours but my point of view.

December brought Christmas gifts for kids,
So it did for little beautiful owl,
No snow but heat enraged,
Mice came out to be prey.

The owl blinked with sparkly eyes,
Watery mouth in surprise,
The bird flew behind the mice,
Took the supper slowly taking some time.

That night got lucky for the owly owl,
As it repeated itself every day,
The owl ate too much every now and then,
She did not exercise like her family said.

The poor little owl was unaware,
Calories had to be burnt to get the fame,
But it was lazy just like me,
Eat, Sleep, Repeat became routine.

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary came for the rescue,
They thought at first wet little owl  had a wound,
Too wet to fly,
Thus the drying began and came out the truth.

The owl caught itself in the first world problems,
She flopped and flapped but tumbled on her back,
So they ran somewhere to  a room,
Who knew owls had personal gyms too!

Weight: 245 grams,
Height: unsure doesn’t stay still,
Daily diet: yummy meat,
“Oh!” The dietician thought “Here’s the cheat!”

Strict rules imposed on little honey bird,
Made her fly over till her body curved,
Finally, she lost thirty grams,
And became the star of the show now.

The whole thing was exceptional for experts,
Hopefully, this owl won’t come upon another irresistible buffet,
But getting fat for her was not a choice anymore,
Her family did not have money for another row.


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