Autumn chiming (Poem 8 NaPoWriMo)

Hello! I hope you all doing great! The prompt for today was to take up a few lines from twitter’s bots. I have used the bot poem.exe for the same. 
This was again a new experience for me to write using lines written by someone else. Have a good day! Reviews are always welcomed!

Bells chiming,
Clothes cast off,
Autumn finally begins,
Leaves scurf the final remembrance,
Time for them to fly away to vengeance,
Tears sulking down the eyes of roots and trunk.

The earth faces the war,
Her children falling from the womb,
Battling to stay in the fight,
Resistance is no option to them,
The shuffles scream like deaths,
Numbing everything for a dew time.

She smiles but suffers,
Cannot show how burdened her heart reaps,
For her other child still roam,
On her body without a cry of the plea,
The scouring bodies of her sons,
Soon embodies in her world again.

The soil strengthens as she knows they are back,
She has to pour her love into them again,
Her body aches as she knows there’s nothing to gain,
As the autumn will return,
Her life will fall again,
Creep out the inner shadows.

The sky awakens with white and light,
Growling on once who betrays the mother,
Striking the pain and guilt in them,
He doesn’t know if this will bring the change,
He grumbles and brings wetness to the earth,
Giving the last spirit to her beloved children.

Seasons change but the immortals do not,
The selfish perishable world as all they want,
They do not vision what lies on the other side,
Darkness and bubbling volcanoes erupt,
And as dearth preambles we all beg and growl,
Pray to the mother to bless us with forgiveness.

Mother’s heart is easy to melt,
She smiles and hugs the ones who are arrogant,
Blesses them and wishes they better out,
Pray to God, give her children the mind to think out,
This is the chance we can change,
Let’s be together to make this world united again.

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