A BedTime Story (Poem 9 NaPoWriMo)

Well, Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a good day. According to the given prompt today, here is my poem. I have presented it in two different ways. Read it the way you like it. Please share the reviews.

                                                      tucking me in the bed,
                                          she would whisper bed-time story
                                   in my ears softly. I remember hugging my
                              pillow tight, Sounding into deep sleep with a feel
                       of a soothing kiss on my forehead in the fading hind-sight.
                                                             days slowly,
                                                    feel so dull, when the
                                         Sun falls down; her eyes search for
                                a blue dusky light, Leading to the moons and stars
                       so bright, Which may lead to the doors ofthe bed-time story.
                                               the air; I wish to breathe
                                    in the bedtime stories, Getting lost into
                           the world of faes and mages, Where the magic would
            fix the deepest wounds, I still question, Can it heal a puzzled heart?
                                                           when the whispers
                                        wake me up, I tuck myself in the bed
                            Switching the lights off and waiting for moon to smile
       Tell me a little bedtime story, kiss my forehead softly, Send me into good night,



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