A heart full of hopes (Poem 14 NaPoWriMo)

Hello! I hope you all are doing great! 
Here is my poem for today. The prompt was to write about the thing that inspired you to write.

Creeks through the walls,
Her eyes running through,
Ears resting on the bench,
Pencil flicking on the bits of paper,
That thirteen year writes random
words, no rhyme.
Wishes to be famous,
Like the ones in the textbook
when pages turn,
There’s a glow in her eyes,
She waits for the bell to ring,
Flies to her home without waiting
for a minute.

There’s a hidden place,
She strolls inside
the cupboard,
Shining new book with
a black pen locked up,
See that smile showering love,
You will fall forever in them,
Random words fall out,
Just like right now,
All she wishes is to pour her
heart down,
Next day to reveal down,
her book passes through
hands around,
There are words they do
not understand,
Tears roll down her cheeks,
tries to hold them.

Four years have passed by,
She sits here with a huge smile,
Two prizes won also praised by,
her teachers and people around,
She is not a famous one yet,
But, her eyes still shine,
Like the time her book caught her eye,
Typing her words as she looks around,
Waiting for the opportunity to pass by,
There are many she’s inspired by,
You, the one reading this,
is one on the list I write.


You can read all my poems here.


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