Does the clock strike twelve? (Poem 17 NaPoWriMo)

I have heard, my grandpa and his grandpa and his grandpa used hourglasses to find how many minutes or maybe hours had passed by. Sometimes, they were used when the sun settled down and they were not able to tell by the shadows that were produced due to light of the sun. When I was little, I had one of them as well, I never knew what was the use of it, but it was a fun thing to play with.

I hope you are having a great day! Please share your views about the poem.

I sit here
about to break
waiting for the
clock to strike
at the hand of twelve.

I’ve been tilted
a thousand times,
shown time
when the sun
would drown hiding
behind the night sky.

The life inside
me is ending,
I have a hole in
my heart,
cannot find.

Every minute as
it passes by,
a little bit of
my body passes

A little boy,
fiddles my body,
to break me more,
I was his grandpa’s
favorite one.

A few breath
for the last moments,
I’ll smile
till I finish the day

As the clock strikes
twelve and
the bell rings
My soul walks
to the grandpa
waiting for me to
come by.

Will the clock strike twelve again?
Will I be able to show the hours again?
I may still be good when my glass cries,
Leaving the sand out,
for children to play,


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