Refrigerator Tales (Poem 18 NaPoWriMo)

Hello! How are you all? Here is my poem, about having small pleasures.

Do you not remember stealing chocolates and scooping spoonful of ice-cream? Just when your mom denied doing that. How good it feels! That creamy, cool ice-cream, that lovely chocolate taste on your lips. I love that!


Oh, I wait just
till she falls asleep,
Open the door
with a little no noise,
Little-Little step to her door,
Making sure it’s twelve,
and owl’s on board.

In the dark of the moon,
I search for the cool,
My eyes try to find
the way,
to the box of treasure,
I need a key to open
the secret door.

She wakes up,
to the noises of the thief,
Giggles and twists my ear
She wipes the chocolate,
Running down my cheek,
Kisses them then,
Runs me back to sleep.

The thief is no coward,
Walking back to the treasure
How can you just forget
the ice-creamy treat?


You can find all my poems here.


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