Photographs (Poem 19 NaPoWriMo)

Do you still smile, just like the times of your photographs shot? You didn’t care of fallen tooth, nor of the strangled hair. All that was important were happy moments of life. You smiled and giggled, tumbled down a few times, ran to your mother, crying and nuzzling into your mother’s lap.

There were toys which felt life-like, You always had a tea-party with empty cups filled up with air.

Here is a poem to send you back to happy times. Hot Wheels, Cars and a lot of stuffed toys! Go grab some of your photographs and give yourself back that faded smile.

There’s a photograph in my hand,
captured into a glass frame,
I envy- the smile,
that puts me on blame.

She stares into my eyes,
and taps my forehead,
“smile like that once more,
no more faking, not again.”

There’s a sigh holding me back,
Only the pictures hurdle the pain,
No colors define the clog in my neck,
I choke but cannot fall out of tears of the vein.

A rabbit, The puppy, big boy and
the lipstick girl,
Red Mercedes ready for the trip
of all the soft toys.

I’m scared to look back,
The present holds the answers,
But, she tells me to move,
Run through the memories
that last.

The huge teddy bear,
Hugging me through nights,
Keeping me calm,
When the nightmares
came into sight.

A mobile so toy,
Yet so proud to hold it out,
Calling the friends to fake it,
“Hey! Mom bought me a new mobile!”

Jumping around and
twiddling the waist through the
The Barbie with the wings,
hold my hand to fly up high.

They smile to me,
Wish me to get back,
Bringing a new curve
on the mouth,

It is true,
those memories
bring back you to you,

There’s a photograph in my hand,
captured into a glass frame,
selling me my smile
back through.

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Please share your views about the poem! Have a nice day!


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