Class-Room Gifts (Poem 20 NaPoWriMo)

Were you the one who passed chits in the classroom? Did you have a classroom diary as well?
Aren’t they the best gifts ever? They are handmade, costless (yet the costliest) gifts, close to my heart.

I hope you all are having a great day! Have fun!

As the class roared out,
Laughed out at the teacher’s joke,
There were eyes around
staring at each other,
Something’s cooking
Everybody knows,
Leaflets of paper
passes through.

Sit back straight,
Serious expression
glares at the homeroom,
Oh! How good actors we are!
She rolls her eyes turn back
the chits start rolling all

One day we made,
A dairy of class,
Everyone writing funny
of each other’s face,
It got taken away
playing in the class,
We cried and we begged,
to get it back,
Then hid it in my cupboard,
Not giving it away.

There are no gifts given
by them,
Yet, there are many
we made together,
The chits in the box
make me smile,
No paper cuts will pass
as no classes expel,
I sit here hidden
reading the diary

I do not think any gifts be better than those.



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