Melony Feast (Poem 24 NaPoWriMo)

Do you love watermelons just like me? That red refreshing fruit! I love it!
Well, here’s a poem ‘an ode to watermelons’.

On sweet sweaty days on summer,
My mother used to bring sweet juicy melon,
As a little girl
mother would make me spit
the black out,
I wonder why haven’t the tree grown yet?
(Oh! I swallowed some of them one day.)

Wash the stripes of dark and light green,
How did red come inside of greeny tint?
Red and red and some white,
Do not eat white! It will make your mouth cry.

Divide into a thin slice,
Dice out some cubes; big and small,
Juice it out cool and sweet,
Your mind will rush at the speed of a race.

Scoop it out like ice-cream, wow!
It’s a new trend somehow,
Freeze the juice, bring it out,
Crush it up, refreshing slushie ‘bout.

You can make a fake one yourself,
Pour the slushie with gelatin,
Have a jello-melon.

Cut the top,
Put a blender down,
Till the juice of everything is down.

Poke a hole (do not spill juice),
Fix a tap,
Put the glass below,
To have some cooler on go.

Now, sit down
for the melony feast,
There’s a big table
Full of reds and throw-able black.



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