The Review Shop (Poem 27 NaPoWriMo)

Hello! I hope you are having a great day.
Here is my poem for today, I actually have reviewed something with each alphabet in short. It took a bit of work to form the poem and a lot of it to make the image that is featured up there. So if you have a little bit of time, try and figure out about the image used.

Also! The poem is a bit long, but, I hope you all will like it!

Kudos! Welcome to the
opening of
The Review Shop
Opened exclusively today
to adhere to beauty (maybe not!)
Anything you want to buy is

The list begins so keep your eye,
grab the thing you want
any run away without giving a penny

Alphabets turn out to be first ones,
Wobbly glibly with all sorts of curves,
You write them and you read them
every now and then,
You still wonder *what in the end
were they meant for?*

Best Friends are the worst nightmares,
You still plead for them to have,
The best sent angels down here
Maybe by demons to churn you in hell,
In the end, they don’t have anyone else.

Cereal you eat every day,
You so think its healthy,
Look beside the pack!
Surprise! Pick-A-Boo Sugar Sweets in the tooth.

Diet Diet Diet, are you on one?
Worst thing to happen in your stomach,
You know its healthy, you don’t like it,
But, you look at others and fake
stuffing apples in your lips.

Doctors around the world,
Thank you for helping each of us out,
The hierarchy of god,
Bless you, too!

The massive Earth we live upon,
Nobody knows the existence,
Scientists need to build a time machine quick,
I wish to see the big bang
*sips diet coke*

When you were little,
You won’t sleep around,
Your mother was worn out of whispering the fairytales,
I can’t seem to take my mind off them anymore,
Nothing like them happens to me at all.

Geography, the favorite subject of yours (*smiles*)
Draw lines of map out of nowhere,
How was I going to mark where the paddy grows and rice,
When I not able to remember the road to my street.

The place so cool, clouds touching heads
The sun rises up high and sets down there,
Hill stations up high where we all love to climb,
Fresh air, birdies, and animals, none like your homestay.

Ice cones with all the artificial colors spread,
Chokes your neck makes you cough,
Tries to spray your money away.

The junkyard where all your
lovely stuff goes,
You throw it here and throw it there,
I no longer can locate the junkyard gone
(Not so good at geography, so)

The kites fly high when the winds blow,
My favorite thing to do,
Run here and run there,
Before falling down from apartment top floor (just kidding)
(still my favorite)

When life gives you lemons,
Make pickled lemons,
At least you can store them for a year,
Lemonade is fine as well
Or make lemon cream or something

Little little thing
comes when you dream
sting you in sleep,
You clap for it and clap for it more
Ends up you praising it. A MOSQUITO BAM!

Birdie sits in the nest
hanging in your garden,
Beautiful chirpies and giggly voices
till it poops out your garden. (Happy Cleaning)

Opera house I wish to visit,
Many say it’s a good place to sleep,
Not saying my bed’s not good,
Sleep always seems nice with a little music.

Police, all around the world,
Standing up on ground each day and night,
A hundred of salute, No more hate left in the heart
Thank you for helping us right now.

Sleep in your comfy bed with soft quilt,
Roll and roll in it,
Get scolded by your mother.

Open your fridge, Look in the corners
Rotten loaves of bread and fruits waiting for you to
make a face,
Take them out one by one,
Your nose making scenes to faint you out.

Make sandcastles huge and huge,
just mountains of soil,
shower yourself in that sand,
That gets punished by your mum.

As you read it, it goes by
As you read it, it goes by
Bye-bye time, you’ve gone by,
We miss you but cannot bring you back
Sad. 😦

Don’t tell me you don’t believe me,
There are unicorns,
The Pegasus that flies in the air,
How do you make yourself comfortable with it?
What happens if you fall?

Voice, you have got is a blessing
Or else we would be a constant
Charlie Chaplin movie,
funny and interesting
but never able to understand anything.

They say Walls have ears,
I do not see them somehow,
One day I tried to press my face against it and talk,
My cousin felt like I am turning into a maniac.

Oh! How can we forget this?
The most-read science subject ever,
XENON! Do you remember?
Xenon hexafluoride, Xenon tetra-oxide,

Let’s bring some childhood memories back,
Playing with a yo-yo all day, no matter
If in the end, you break someone’s eyes.

Say it a zero or an O
We would have not been able
to count without,
Well, we really do not know how to.

The exhibition ends here,
Prizes are Price free,
Did you have here?
Then buy something, I got to get some


This poem is for entertainment purposes, nobody should take it offensively. It is all light-hearted.

Read all my poems here.


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