Return to Un-Written (Last Poem NaPoWriMo)

This month passed so fast! I never thought about completing the whole month. Participated in this for the first time and it had been a great experience for me. I found amazing poets around the world. The poets who I never about, I am obliged to have a spot around the people who I love. I never cared about being featured, but I did care to learn new things. . . and I have. It had been a wonderful experience.

A heartly thank to each and every person who has helped and encouraged me to stick here for whole month. Without NaNoWriMo I would never have had a website of my own.

Hello! I hope you all are having a great day. Here is my poem on today’s prompt. I hope you will enjoy it.

We end up with each other,
This life of so small,
All these years have repeated themselves,
I have a birthday each year after all.

As I grow,
The world moves round and round,
The tears, the smile and the winds go,
Sometimes, they return back again.

The Moon glows and the stars twinkle,
I look at them each day,
Are they as old as I am?
I’ve only seen them since I opened my eyes.

I smile looking at the words,
I keep wanting more –
They rely on me, they keep coming back,
I know you all will too.

Seasons fall and honey dries up,
They too come back soon,
as the year passes,
The April blossoms will
return too.

This time is going to pass soon,
Worries will vanish,
Happiness will blossom out soon.


You can find all the poems written during NaNoWriMo here.

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