Backlash: Sarah Darer Littman (Book Review)

A heart touching book. As much as the book tries to hit you emotionally, it sets up well giving out facts and spreading knowledge about cyber-bullying.

~> Plot: 4.5/5
~> Cover: 5/5

About the book:
~> The plot revolves around Lara Kelley, who has been a prey to bullying in middle school because she was not healthy. There were names which she did not like being called and she only had one person to rely on, her best friend, Bree Connors. Due to her constant complaining and that too for hours, Bree decided to take a step away. Lara was left all alone and drifted under depression. With the help of a therapist and following a strict diet and exercise, a new life started for her. However, there were no real friends she would rely upon. Nobody wished to be friends with Middle school ‘Lardo’ or ‘Lardosorous’ even when it was over, and they were freshmen in HighSchool.
~> Lara was moving on from her past, trying out different interests and made to the list of Cheerleading team. She was finally happy to get it all, maybe her happy life was back. Just then Lara received a friend request from a guy from another school, Christian DeWitt. Kelley was excited as she had never received friend requests from anyone and even when her parents had warned her not to friend anyone unknown, she did.
The chat begins, and they became perfect friends over time. She was getting hints that Christian was about to ask her out for a dance at his school. But, the day when she thought he would ask her out, her Facebook got linked with a post that changed her life.

He says: “You’re an awful person.”
“What makes you think I’d ever ask you out?”
“The World would be a better place without you.”
~> Sometimes, the person starts feeling how you make them feel. Kelley Lara attempted to kill herself. Amidst this, Bree is secretly happy that Christian called her out. Bree finally thought she was finally feeling how others felt. As soon as her eyes open, she is being questioned, but she does not wish to tell them. Mrs. Kelley is worried about her re-election of place, and Sydney is mad as she had been much in school because of her.

Who was Christian DeWitt? Why would he do this Lara when he didn’t know her in her middle school years? Un-fold the mystery by reading the book.
The book is written in a really engaging manner, and there are no parts of it that you would want to skip out. Instead of chapters, the book is divided as P.O.V (Point of view). In this way, you can understand what is happening around according to each character. This brings intimacy towards each character. I love it a lot! I hope you all as well!

Anyone who is above thirteen will be able to understand and engross oneself in the book.

Happy Reading!

The book is written by Sarah Darer Littman. Once you read her, she’ll become one of your favorites. She is a well-known author for her novel, “Want to Go Private?”


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