Mother is an important part of lives of each one of us. She is the candle below and around the wick which melts away, making the little wick shine so bright that no one notices the melts. Even when she is broken into pieces from inside, she keeps the mirror stout to bring smile when we look into her eyes.

Centuries pass by, but, a mother’s heart never changes. We have heard stories of Lord Krishna whose mother decided to part away from her son just to keep him safe. There are a lot of other stories where a mother has done a lot just to keep her child safe. I can write on any wonders around the world but when I sit to write about my mother, the words seem less to me.

When I was young; I remember my mother teaching me words, alphabets, math and everything that she could and as I grew older, she sat by my side at nights while I studied and felt asleep on my table. She is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen in my life, strongest too! I adore her a lot!

Now, here is a poem for all the mommies around the world:
Happy Mothers Day!

I stand alone in blossom of thorns,
None to listen when I scream, except you,
Even when the pain striked,
You made your way to make me smile,
There would’ve been no one to click away my cries.

Your smile makes me calm,
When I am under your roof,
My mind forgets all the worries,
Your eyes are world to me.

When I was little, you did not sleep,
Patting my head to give me a good night,
Now, I am old, you still stay awake for nights,
Keeping my books away when I start to doze off at midnight.

When I lay in your lap,
Nightmares turn into beautiful dreams,
From barbie to reading biographies,
You never left my side,
Mom! I love you.



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