Is it going to end now? (14th of May 2020)

Dear People,

The muse of the day starts with a news that the lockdown is going to finish off today. A little of normal days will be brought back from tomorrow. It does feel like a beautiful Sun is going to rise up in the air (ofcourse, with the shine comes the burn). There are rays of hope in eyes of farmers, vendors and people owning small businesses. They wish their works to get normal soon.

I heard that there will be different timings for men and women to move out of their houses and shop for the things that are necessary. Safety measures. I see more dogs strolling in the parking area now, searching for food, they run towards the pigeon who fly away as they see the doggies running towards them. Poor dog or lucky pigeon, I do not know what to say about that!

I am keeping myself busy like everyday. Writing one new poem everyday and reading out more books to review next. My current read: The Northern Lights of the series His Dark Materials written by Philip Pullman. Oh! How much I am loving it.

About some other happy news,
the cases here are decreasing now, day by day. The people who worked on daily wages are now getting bookings for train to return to their hometown. Happy for the happy!

We are wishing and praying every day and night that this finishes off soon, but, it does not help at all. The graph of the cases increasing/decreasing seems very haphazard. One day it slides down and the other day it touches the sky. There is no one to blame, because, once we start blaming the last finger will be pointed back towards us. We all need to be together, let’s see if that helps.

Till then! You all smile! I will get back to you tomorrow.

Keep writing and wishing and also hoping! Have a great health.



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