A Little Relief (18th May 2020 #MOC19)

The condition around the globe seems a little settling to my eyes now. Yet, the updates are yet to arrive to each of us. Nobody knows what is going to happen the very next moment, right?

The lockdown is going to rise up(partially) from tomorrow (19th May 2020). Honestly, I am little worried about the chaos that are going to erupt out from tomorrow. Let’s hope the people stay in their minds and do not run on roads like they would be running on beaches in vacations. That sounded funny in my head.

I have not stepped out for like fifty-five days now, kind of new routine. The family is now normalized to see each others face the whole day. I mean everyone can sit in different rooms but that is of no use anymore, I guess. You feel like you can stroll through social media for whole day, but, no that’s not an exact solution to the boredom. One will get eventually get bored out seeing same things again and again, BECAUSE, the only news around is about COVID-19. (This is exceptional for people living alone, no other option.)

A little suggestion to get a smile on your face. Check out The Holderness Family, I found them out recently. They basically make funny videos but most of them are musical parody, which will get you a good amount of laugh. (Not Sponsered.)

Podcasting is a new thing I tried during the times. It went really well for me, it was for a virtual open mic. It was a whole new experience for me (both podcasting and virtual mic.) I recited one of my favourite poems ‘Dreamland‘ by me. If you have teeny tiny bit of free time, I guess you do, then give my podcast and my poem a hear and a glance.

Well, I hope you all are doing amazing!
Share your views about this situation in the comments.


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