[Book Review] The Swedish Days Swindle: A Mac and Millie Mystery Series (Book 3)

A cozy mystery awaits you!

Name: The Swedish Days Swindle
Part of ‘A Mac and Millie Mystery’ Series
Genre: Mystery
Sub-Genre: Cozy Mystery
Category: Adult
Author: JB Michaels

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Story Line:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


It is Summertime in Geneva and the living’s easy.

Millie and Mac return to Third street to enjoy the simmering season’s marquis event, Swedish Days.

Will our dynamic duo get to enjoy this Geneva event?

Or, will the day’s fun lessen with murderous detriment?

At this point, you know the answer.

When a body bobs in the Fox River, Mac and Millie set aside their date to help solve the case of the deathly swimmer. As they examine the body, multiple downtown Geneva businesses report theft of their daily earnings.

A coincidence? Perhaps.

The unique shopping, delectable ice cream snacks, carnival rides, and concert vibes do little to lessen the impact when someone dies. As the evening fireworks are set to kindle, the Geneva Chamber of Commerce falls victim to the Swedish Days Swindle.

The mystery comes up where Mac and Millie stand up!

This one is my personal favourite!
Usually, Mac is the one who solves the mystery but, what if O’Malley disappers?
Mac has been kidnapped and Millie is told to rob the bank she works in. With the help of the trust she had built with her boss, she eventually gets the money and puts it where the person had told her to.

When Mac is found, he doesn’t open his eyes anymore. The heart keeps beating but Mac does not even flicker an eye. But, nobody except Millie knows this and she cannot reveal the truth to anyone as she was guilty herself to rob the bank.

Why was Mac being targeted?
Who was the the guy whose body kept floating on the water? There is someone who has given-in to the police as the murderer of the man but the police is unsure about it.

How will Millie solve the problems? How will she return the money to the bank? What will happen if she is unable to get the money back?

Read the amazing mystery book to find out!

Unlike, the first two books of the series, this one will surely make you feel satisfied. The story-line is simple to follow and the story is fast paced. There are no writing flaws in this one. You just wish to keep reading it again and again.

The normal easy to go English is used in the book, thus, it is suitable for new people who wish to try reading books also for people who in general do not like advanced dictionary words.


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