[Book Review] The Valentine Dine or Die: A Mac and Millie Mystery Series (Book 2)

A cozy mystery awaits you!

Name: The Valentine Dine Or Die
Part of ‘A Mac and Millie Mystery’ Series
Genre: Mystery
Sub-Genre: Cozy Mystery
Category: Adult
Author: JB Michaels

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Story line:

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Cupid’s arrow can be deadly!

Mac is back at the Tiny Wanderer. Barely making any progress on his manuscript, his distraction, and procrastination prompt him to buy two tickets to an interactive dinner theater event: The Valentine Dine or Die.

Will art imitate life or death?

Definitely death.

Millie ponders a big career opportunity at Salem Bank. After work, she joins Mac for their romantic albeit unorthodox date. Will the dinner show ease her mind and lower her stress?

Not at all.

From the Tiny Wanderer to the Potter House, Third Street to the Fox River, the Geneva winter makes the dead body of a prominent real estate contractor even colder.

So, stick close to your Valentine, keep warm, embrace, and get cozy because your favorite conundrum cracking couple is back in The Valentine Dine or Die.

Summary: (No Spoilers)

The retired cop has a special gift for his loved one, hidden from all. While he pretends to be still finding a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Edith offers him the passes of an adventurous dinner which includes mystery. While Mac is excited to tell Millie about the dinner, worry-some Millie is has not idea how to tell Mac about the offer her boss had offered.

As the night twinkles, the couple reaches the restaurant. Very few couples are to be seen among which a famous co-host Rachel Waddle and his husband are present as well. When the lights go out as a sign of beginning of show, a loud sound of gun firing is heard and the room is then filled up with screams of Rachel. A gun pointed towards self and the bleeding dead man lay across the room: Perry Schroeder had killed himself in the middle of a fancy dinner night.

Why would a wealthy man do that? Upon investigation done by Vince and Geneva police, no clue comes out in the sky, but, the very next day another dead body is found which seems that the man was killed at the same time Perry was.

Who was he? How was he related to Perry?
How is Mac going to help reveal the mystery putting his book aside?
Will Millie tell him the offer which her boss had offered?

The book awaits you to reveal the mystery.

~> What I like about this book?

The book is fast-paced, well-written. The soft spoken and funny Mac will make you laugh often. Millie’s witty mind will make your brains turn. In the end the book will make you laugh, think and enthusiasm to read the next book in series.

The writing style is similar to the first book. Easy-fluent and very understandable English is used throughout the book making it ideal for the people who wish to pursue reading as a new habit or people like me who always wish to try new books out.

The over again is extremely fabulous. The detailing on the cover is quite unique as well.

~The Improvements meant to be:

– The prediction of story can be made easily (not talking about the end).
– The character details miss out at a few points.


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