[Book Review] Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews

“Thoughtful application? Lineage? Legacy?”  Name: Secret LegacyBook 1 of The Windhaven WitchesAuthor: Carissa AndrewsGenre: FantasyRelease date: September 15, 2020 Ratings: Cover: ★★★★★ Story-line: ★★★★★ Character Development: ★★★★ Did the plot-line receive some love? Proficiently, let’s say, ‘it is one of my favorites.’ The plotline of the book is not anything extraordinary. It moves effortlessly and is neither fast-paced nor slow (smooooth!). The book enters the top list as the sentence formation and … Continue reading [Book Review] Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews


[Book Review] Crystal Dragon by Author Katie Cherry

Crystal Dragon by Katie Cherry Book 1 of The Crystal Dragon SagaAuthor: Katie CherryCategory: Young-AdultGenre: Fantasy Add on Goodreads Add On Amazon (The price of e-bundle of books 1-3 of Crystal Dragon Saga is extremely cheap and you can grab it here. ) Ratings: Story Line: ★★★★ Character Development: ★★★★★ Cover: ★★★★ Let's Sum It … Continue reading [Book Review] Crystal Dragon by Author Katie Cherry

[Book Review] Perfection

Name: PerfectionBook 1 of Code Perfect SeriesAuthor: Larissa Emerald Genre: Thriller/Science Fiction Find it on Goodreads Find it on Amazon Ratings: Story Line: ★★★★ Main Characters: ★★★★★ Sub-characters: ★★★★ Thoughts: While the story-line is good, I was not very intrigued into it for a first few chapters but as I kept running my eyes forward … Continue reading [Book Review] Perfection