[Book Review] Princess of Thorns

Princess of Thorns

by Tessonja Odette

Prequel of Lela Triology

Genre: Fantasy

The prequel is available for free, just stay tuned till I drop the link for you!

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Princess Mareleau is the only daughter of The King Verdian and The Queen Helena of Sele, the only hope for the future heir of the throne. Not the same with the princess, she has not recovered from her past and not in a state to trust someone to marry them. Princess Mareleau had broken five engagements the same year and her parents were now worried.

The heart of ice melts down a bit when Mareleau meets Prince Frederick of Edan. He had been very understanding towards her and believed to never force her into the marriage. The conversations between them leads to a beautiful friendship and eventually both of them agree to engage into a relationship.

The trust of princess is broken, she calls the guards and hands her best friend Carta to them forbidding her entry in the castle forever as a necklace was found in her hands.

Why would her best friend do so?

Will Mareleau marry the prince after knowing a horrifying secret which he was hiding?

Read the story to find out the answers!

My thoughts about the prequel:

The pages to turn are very less and thus you can finish the story in about thirty minutes. The story seems just very predictable at start, but, don’t stop! There are twists just as mind bewildering awaiting you. There are no extra-ordinary stuffs written in the prequel but I totally fine with that as you do not reveal things in a prequel.

The overall character development seems pretty good to me, maybe, a little more detailing about the characters and the scenery present around the character would have twinkled charms around.

I love the character of Princess Mareleau, a strong person showing off her cold icy heart to the world but having hiding her calm side deep inside. She is care-free and says what she thinks! I mean, who would not love it!


Story Line:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Character development:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

About The Author:

I’m Tessonja Odette, a young mother living in Seattle. And by young, I mean 30-something. It’s the new 20, right? I have been writing fiction since I was a child. My wild imagination, my love for magical things, and my fascination with the great unknown led my writing into the realm of fantasy.

My debut novel, Shadows of Lela, is book one in The Lela Trilogy. This YA epic fantasy features strong female characters, swooth-worthy romance, metaphysical magic, and UNICORNS. See all books I’ve written here.

In addition to writing, I am a multi-passionate creative with a ton of artistic hobbies. I believe in the importance of following your joy, and hope to inspire others to live their dreams

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Thank you for reading my review. I hope you liked it!


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