Young Adult Books to enhance your TBR!

Here I am! Back with a list of some beautiful Young Adult Books which you would like to add to your TBR. All the links to the Amazon will be linked to the title. Here are some books I recommend personally, Enjoy the Magic! The Avalonia Chronicles:- If royals and magic is something that interests … Continue reading Young Adult Books to enhance your TBR!


[Book Review] Space Kids by Alan Nettleton

An amazing concept and an alluring story-line. A world in which the children tend to lose themselves is presented by Alan Nettleton in this book. Lose yourself into the space, get the fuel for your spaceships and get ready to have an adventure to a new planet. A perfect read for kids and a fun short refresher for adults!

[Book Review] Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

Name: Yellow Jessamine Author: Caitlin StarlingGenre: Horror/FantasyISBN: 978-1-952086-03-8Release Date: 15th September, 2020 Pre-order from Neon-Hemlock Ratings: Plot: ★★★★ Cover: ★★★★★ Caitlin Starling’s Yellow Jessamine is a dark novella. It is a quick read yet a very intriguing one. Yellow Jessamine basically means Yellow Jasmine which is a pretty interesting title for the novel. The exact … Continue reading [Book Review] Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling