Indie Books You Might Want TO Grab!

While the quarantine life has worked out well, I’ve come across a lot of Fantasy books, I’ve been leaning a bit towards fantasy and thus I have a mini list of some books you all might want to grab while searching for your next favorite read on the Amazon and Goodreads. While they come at a price everyone can afford, a few boxsets and pre-orders are at an incredibly cheap price that you just would not believe.

8. Lela Trilogy

Princess Cora is abandoned and left by herself and thus finds herself inducing in the world of magic. Prince Teryn has to marry to have another kingdom by their side for the heard invasion for which he has to kill the Unicorns who are being protected by a witch.

To save a unicorn, Cora must face her past. To save a kingdom, she must fight for her future.

The Lela Trilogy box-set is available on Amazon at $0.99 for a limited period of time.

Also, the prequel to the Lela Trilogy is available for free from the author’s website.

7. Crystal Dragon Saga

Here is another box-set just for you.

Book four of the series has released recently and other books are just in line to be released later but you might want to grab the $0.99 box-set of books 1-3 to follow the story-line!

If you love Dragons, this book is totally your read.

Crystal is a normal girl until one day she is pushed to another realm, Zilferia to participate in ‘Games’. While finding out her hidden gifts, she comes to know about the Dragon Hunters who are behind the dragons to finish them.

While trying to help them, she gets abducted by the Dragon Hunters and then a scream is heard…

You can find my review for book one here.

6. A Voice That Thunders

Mirah watched her brother Gabe place his inky hand on the rock shelter wall and transition into manhood. Needing no one outside their small clan, freedom and friendship promised a peaceful future. That was life until the god, Shemyaza, sent his sons to slaughter them all.

Of those who survived, Mirah is captured and Gabe is missing.

United with a host of Giants, and Chimera, Shemyaza has one enemy, the destined Voice of Thunder. In a bid to destroy him, Shemyaza is building an army of Wielders and insists Mirah joins them.

Through magic, Mirah gains secrets. As she attempts to hide her powers and the mystery behind her wielding, Shemyaza’s stepson offers to train her but can she trust him with her heart?

Her old and new world collide and Mirah is torn. War is coming. Whichever path she chooses Mirah knows the Shadow is near, and only she can hear it whisper.

Keep looking at her Amazon Author’s page. The books become free sometimes, and then you might want to grab and read it!

5. Riders of Fire

And! I have another box-set for you. Riders of Fire is a series of six books and the first three books are for $0.99. Another one for all the dragon lovers out there!

Join the Riders of Fire adrenaline ride: strong heroes & heroines, nail-biting action, sword & sorcery and dragons. 3 award-winning and bestselling books in one volume.

I have just grabbed them myself and will be posting a review very soon!

4. The Lightning Conjurer Trilogy

As Aspen was riding her motorcycle, she saw a semi coming her way and was immediately thrown out of its way by a tornado, although the weather had previously been calm. Back at home, she lowered herself into a cold bath, wishing the water was warm, only to find it heating up around her. Then when she had a confrontation with Aiden, the assistant professor, the light bulbs exploded around her. She soon realized, now with the help of Aiden, that she had remarkable powers – in fact, the extent of her powers hadn’t been seen for hundreds of years.

Here is another trilogy for you! The author has an ongoing giveaway where the prize is signed copy of Book One and a $20 Amazon Gift Card. (You can buy all the books on the list with that.)

While there are many more box-sets I found while searching, I’ll leave that whole list for another time! Right now, we are moving to some books which have released recently and others which will be published later!

3. Mask

Emily thought magic only existed in the books she read as a child. When a handsome stranger enlists her help to uncover who tried to kill the princess of another world, she learns those books were more than just stories. She discovers the Four Regions – a realm where magical creatures fled to escape human persecution. It is there Emily finds the power, passion, and friendships she had always secretly craved.

Oh! I have read this book already, the review will be posted when the book is published and I must say, just grab the pre-order before the prices go up!

The pre-order is at a price of $0.65 and it is almost nothing! Just grab it fast.

2. A Forgotten Past

Beast Whisperer – that was Lily’s special talent. Useful, but not as flashy as some.Or so she thought. When she was a child, Lily had washed up on the riverbank near Basolt, with no memory of who she was. Taken in by the couple who found her, she was raised as their own, alongside their new baby. Years later she does something extraordinary. And word spreads of a new Spirit Hopper, someone who can enter into and control not only beasts, but people. Someone who can change the land of Sapeiro. Someone who supposedly died years before.The rumors catch the attention of those who would control her power. Those who would use Lily for their own purposes, no matter how many lives it costs. They set their plots to capture her in motion.But Lily discovers there is at least one group who might hold the key to her real identity. One group who would protect her. But trust does not come easily for Lily. And her would-be saviors have secrets of their own.

The book was released on June 26, 2020 and thus is very new. Support the author by reading and reviewing it.

Check out the author’s website for more upadtes.

1. Secret Legacy

Just don’t get me started on this one!

You just want to pre-order this and read it again and again! Another good thing, fifty percent of the total sale of the book will go to The Cancer Society.

When Autumn Blackwood shows up at Windhaven Academy for the Witching Stick Orientation, she hopes to find out what dormant powers she could possibly possess to have been accepted to the elite supernatural school. Instead, the academy is in chaos as everyone frantically hunts for two missing girls.

But as school begins with Autumn no closer to figuring out her powers, strange occurrences start to follow her everywhere. Even at home, Blackwood Manor keeps many secrets, and Autumn can’t escape its haunting past.

New friends urge her to learn more about her family’s history in order to unlock her powers and make sense of what’s happening at Blackwood Manor, but Autumn’s not so sure. Once an accident brings Autumn face-to-face with death, however, she realizes her gifts are tied to a legacy that can either save or doom them all…

That is all for today’s list. I am just excited for you to read one or more of these books and then comment below about how much you love them! Most of the books present on the list are available on Kindle Unlimited.

It will be a great support to all these indie authors if you just buy one of their books and leave an honest review, maybe just a “Great One” or “Good One”. Your stars and your views matter a lot to them. Give them a chance! You will not regret it.

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