Stay With You – A Poetry for Soul

A poem to mumble to yourself while looking in the mirror. Each and every human on earth matters. Save lives, stay safe, keep smiling!

The words will disappear,
At that moment I’ll be there,
Gleaming and smiling staring
Into the eyes of your,
And the flick of gesture
Will break the tears,
My soul will remain at the side
Of yours,
I will stay with you when the skies growl.

Clouds whisper when I jump,
Holding your hands and
Running around to see
That face with a curve formed,
Mesmerized, I’ll turn away
And interwine my fingers
Begging for it to stay forever
I will stay with you in the times of rain.

There are words which do not escape
your lips, but I feel you just from here
Caring isn’t a thing I’ve learnt
Still, I care for you
Not love neither friendship, this is
Impeccable notion of the soul
We cannot divide,
So turn around and never let me go
I will stay with you in the times of scars.


Give yourself a life and smile again, the world needs you. Share the poetry with your loved ones. Your friends, your family and on top of that share it with yourself. Have a great day you all!

Featured Picture by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

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