Ocean of Souls:Poetry

The distant sea calls me,Waves sailing me aboard,There are secrets, hiddenbeneath the blue of all,I hear it ringingSouls of the buriedfunerals remain unattended,The blizzard forth-comingThe eyes vulnerable to seeturning the ship distraught,Their afterlife has already been caught,Screams shushed a day agoSome of voices years ago,If i jump into the ocean of souls,Will they wish to... Continue Reading →

Some Hearts: Poetry

Some hearts are like wrecked broken houses,Beautiful and grande once,Nobody reveals what they looked like,Just the stories that roam around the roomAbout the grandeur and mouth dropping relics,Now, each of us wanders around itScared to find what lies inside. Some hearts are like frozen water,So cold that when touched, stings,But as words wither and time... Continue Reading →

A Parade to Independence

A Happy Independence Day to all my brothers and sisters from India! I hope you are feeling grateful, proud and happy today! Well, I am! Here is a poem I wrote for today, but, it is not for the Independence of state, country or a place but for the independence of soul. It's time for... Continue Reading →

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