Some Hearts: Poetry

Some hearts are like wrecked broken houses,
Beautiful and grande once,
Nobody reveals what they looked like,
Just the stories that roam around the room
About the grandeur and mouth dropping relics,
Now, each of us wanders around it
Scared to find what lies inside.

Some hearts are like frozen water,
So cold that when touched, stings,
But as words wither and time crawls,
It becomes an essential,
Never able to live without.

Some hearts are like roses,
Scarlet as anything seen
Withdrawing you inside to inhale the scent,
Move to caress the beauty
To get pringed by the hidden thorns.

Some heats are like diaries locked,
Hypnotizing to look and unlock
Read and find what’s hidden inside the cave
You’ll either come out with a widened smile
Or end up in a deep trance.

Some hearts are like dark chocolate,
Bitter to eat and gulp down the throat,
When it gets inside, it feels good,
Leaving a smile on the face,
Indulging happiness when the sun rises.


Thank you so much for reading! Please share your views for the same in the comments. πŸ™‚

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