I’ll try : Poetry

A post for anyone and everyone who has helped me lift up! A lot of people have helped and pushed me to reach here and write and so this is for them and anyone who is reading this!

I’ll try.
Gasping through the air to find out the light,
I’ll walk through the creeks for the apricity,
When the stars will twinkle,
I’ll count them to nine,
And maybe let my soul intertwine.

When the shadows wander around us,
And the dark gorgonizes the distance,
We’ll hold to the smile,
Which is secreted behind,
And maybe the world will glisten to shine.

Protecting is not something I do,
Standing, marcid, behind your back,
I’ll not the thorns prick through the skins,
Save you from everything that hurts,
And maybe nothing would seem so far.

I’ll try
To protect us,
You’ve been there for me, every-moment,
I’ll be there too.


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