ARC Review: I Hope You’re Listening by Tom Ryan

Name: I Hope You’re Listening
Author: Tom Ryan
Genre: YA Mystery/Fiction/Thriller/LGBTQ+
Publishing on October 6th, 2020

(As the title is coming soon, I am not listing amazon links, please find it through goodreads.)

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Ten Years Ago

While Delia ‘Dee’ Skinner and Sibyl ‘Sibby’ Carmichael were playing in the woods, an abduction took place. And while that happened Dee became the ‘girl not taken’. She could not help her best friend even when she wanted to. Sibby was never seen again.


Delia Skinner has opened a podcast -Radio Silent- with a secret identity as the Seeker. With this, she tries to help find the lost people and tries to reduce the guilt a little bit. When another girl in the neighborhood vanishes away, the old memories flash out and people start connecting the cases.

This is the only chance when Dee can find out about her long lost friend but for that she has to reveal the secrets. Can she do that? Are the cases really related?

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The book is meticulously amazing! Finished it within a day and I just could not put it away. It is book full of mysteries and learning a lot through trusting and friendship. There are characters of every possible emotions present throughout.

Delia Skinner is shown as a strong yet so very private girl. She likes to keep things to herself but over the years has been filled up with so many memories and guilt which keeps bubbling inside of her.

The book describes what a person goes through in all the different times. Again, a book which has resulted due to a lot of research. The highschool setting is perfect as well. Showing about what kind of students one might come across if they were present in that situation.

I really like the idea of podcast, Radio Silent. It serves out differently among a lot of books present around. It helps people find traces of the ones who have been abducted, left home or probably gone missing. Quite a new yet a great approach.

Everything in the book seems to blend pretty well. There were a few incidences where the plot-lines didn’t meet my expectations (but, that is completely fine!). Other than that, there are no plot-holes and no predictability.

Character development is great and sub characters blend in well!

A super 5/5 read for me!

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Tom Ryan is the author of several books for young readers. He has been nominated for a number of awards, and two of his young adult novels, Way to Go and Tag Along, were chosen for the ALA Rainbow List, in 2013 and 2014. He was a 2017 Lambda Literary Fellow in Young Adult Fiction. His 2019 release Keep This to Yourself was the recipient of the 2020 Arthur Ellis Award for YA Crime Book and the 2020 ITW Award for Best YA Thriller, and was chosen by the Globe & Mail as one of the ‘Globe 100: Books that shaped 2019’. Tom, his husband, and their dog live in Nova Scotia.


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