[Book Review] Privilege by Bharat Krishnan

Name: Privilege
Book One of WP Trilogy
Author: Bharat Krishnan
Genre: OwnVoices/ Political Thriller

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The only drug which can mine-out power, pride, glory and privilege is WP and Rakshan Balinga is on the run to get all of it! But, the drug is available to only the top 1% and to get her girl back, Rakshan wishes to put everything on board.

The others who own it are no less players, there are death traps, every step can lead to Rakshan being behind the prison. Will Rakshan lose it all or will he earn it all? Yes, there is someone planning to destroy Rakshan’s world, and it is a revenge. What is the revenge for? What did Rakshan do?

Find out the answers by reading the book!

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Basically, “WP” is described as a kinda drug that can make anyone a lot (a lot of lot) better than they actually usually are. The drug can only be availed by Caucasians or give it to you in exchange for a deal/project (kind of like a payment, drugs as money). Other than that, it can be availed only illegally. And while Rakshan works under Aditya Shetty, the guy who has immersed himself into WP through his company. Rakshan wishes the power or some WP to fulfill his dreams and get into a better relationship with his girlfriend.

The story is delightful. I could connect to a few parts of it, being an OwnVoice reader of the particular book. Though the characters belong to another side of the country and did not know very much about their religion and the language, I did some research and learning, which helped me grasp the characters really well.

Kind of super-hero-movie-plans type books with hints of the humanitarian crisis and immigrants’ problems in other countries. One can feel the emotions in Krishnan’s writing, which I find really unique and enjoyable. As always, the characters not-so-perfect are my favorite ones, and I really enjoy the perks and low-lines of a character, making one connect more easily.

Talking about the characters. The co-characters were just right; I would not exactly say that they were that great, but yes, definitely good and fun. The supporting characters could have been described more. The only reason that it could have helped knowing more about why and how the other characters behave in a particular way around Rakshan.

The writing style is really intriguing. The story is written from different points of view and can be understood easily.

A 4.5/5 star read for me!

A heartful thank you to the author for providing the ARC.

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Bharat calls himself a professional storyteller and amateur cook. After 10 years of working in politics, he tried to explain how the country went from Barack Obama to Donald Trump by writing Confessions of a Campaign Manager. Then he wrote Oasis, a desert-fantasy novel that examined what makes a family and how refugees should be treated. Bharat is always looking to make a political statement with his writing because he knows politics seeps into every aspect of society and believes we can’t understand each other without a firm, constant understanding of how politics affects us in all ways.

He is currently in the process of releasing the WP Trilogy, an #ownvoices thriller about an Indian-American set in modern-day NYC.


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So, well! That is it for today people. I have been busy with stuff and thus have not been able to post much. I hope you all are doing great!

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