Sweet Dreams: Poetry

Hello sweet dreams,
We have a thousand little fantasies,
Blacks, blues and shades of green,
No stars just blood and brim,
Let me sleep below the screams.

Hello old friend,
We have talks untalked and stray,
All the rainbows fade and cast away,
Leaving us blank and choked on night,
I cannot see no moon making me smile, again.

It’s been long since we sat down,
Holding hand in hand and talked out,
But, you just came back to me last night,
And now here I am again so fright,
Holding on my breath to save my life. .

The fear’s gone,
All the reds and pinks and cyans
Burried themselves in graves of cold
And i don’t see them anymore.
I wish to sleep in the sorrow. . .

And here I am,
Wishing a thousand shining stars,
Finding the one which scars so deep,
That i’d never have to heave,
Maybe break in pieces and grieve.


Photo credits: to the photographer.

Hope you all have a nice day!

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