“Let Me Be Silent” + Talks!

Hello Everyone! How are you all? and what do you all wish to talk about?

Well, I have never done any talking before and decided to finally do that, a little bit.

But, before that, here’s a piece of work I just wrote.

So, well, I did not come here with any specific ideas but I have decided to answer questions from the list of questions I have being nominated for different blog awards. Sounds fun?! It does to me!! I have picked out a few from each and now here I am presenting the answers here.

Thank you Riddhi for so many nominations! I cannot be more overwhelmed.

And here it goes:

1. What is the one thing you will never do?

Never stop writing. That is the one thing I never wish to stop.

2. One thing you enjoyed about staying at home for the past few months?

I got to open this website. That has been the biggest reward for me. I love sharing my work here. I started just for the sake of National Poetry Writing Month but then I decided to continue writing and I guess it turned out well.

3. One book that you can reread forever and not get bored?

That would be Backlash. I have loved that book very much. It depicts about the cyber crimes and the trauma everyone goes through due to small mistakes you make online. Must read for every teenager. I also have a review for the same book, check it out here! (Self promotion lol!!)

4. Which post that you have written is your favourite? Share the link as well.

This poetry I wrote a few months ago, Some Hearts is one of my favorite poems! It connects every soul together, that is what I think.

5. What is the one (or more) thing you want to do before you die?

Read many many more books.
Publish a poetry book.
Learn Spanish, French, German and Korean languages.
Work more on my poetry podcast.

6. If you could trade lives with a fictional character, would you do it? And if you had to, whom would you choose?

Well, no I would not. For me, fictional worlds and real worlds never mix up. Even though I love travelling into different worlds through books, I never have had that intentions or wishes to remain in any of the other world, because, isn’t the real world just beautiful? and, isn’t the fictional world just a part of the real world? Think about it. 🙂

7. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging on April 1st, 2020 as I wanted to participate in National Poetry Writing Month! (I just noticed that Musing of Souls is now 7 months old! YAY!) The sole intention was to share poetry for thirty consecutive days but when the month finished, I just wanted to share more. So, I decided to share more poetry and eventually started writing about books as well!

8. A song/music album that you can belt out 40 hours a day?

Nine Track Mind!
I mean, just listen to it!

Well, that would be all for today! I am willing to answer questions posted in the comments! So! Please do that.

I have not been posting much as my studies have resumed! I am trying and will soon learn to manage my time! I hope you all are having a great day! Thank you!


6 thoughts on ““Let Me Be Silent” + Talks!

  1. You totally deserved all the nominations Krupali! Also, wonderful poem- I am nearly always at a loss of words when I read your work. Thanks for answering the questions: I enjoyed reading the answers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a boost to my knowledge about krupps lol. I wish I could have asked a few questions.😂
    Anyway, loved reading this. I hope you never stop writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I am willing to do more postd like this in future!
      I don’t have a favorite to be honest. I would say Robert Frost but then that would be an understatement, i read a lot of old and modern poets and I love a lot of them! And no I have not watched that movie yet, but, it has been recommended a lot so I plan to watch it soon!


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