Looking at the Blue – Poetry

I sit here looking at the blue,
The mess we made,
the glass pierces through,
Smiling as tears roll down the cheeks.

Dripping colors of husk,
the clock ticks through my soul,
I am choking on the words,
Covered in the flashes of moon.

Hush now! Everything ends slowly,
Nubivagant I sleep still,
Clutching to the memories
That didn’t last even a scimachy.

No heimat to wander around,
The sounds and touch wince out,
I cloak myself and hide,
It is coming back,
back to me.

I am lie to your screams,
You are haunting my day day-dreams,
But, the kalopsia tantalizes me,
I cannot return, not
back to you.



8 thoughts on “Looking at the Blue – Poetry

  1. This is simply so beautifully written….painful it is….the way you’ve expressed this imagery….I’m simply looking at the words in awe….they are truly so real…they touch me deeply…all I’m doing is closing my eyes & sensing every word of yours, Krupali ✨

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  2. Wow, I agree with Riddhi, this leaves me SPEECHLESS! This is truly amazing! (I am NOT sugar-coating it.) As I was reading it, my heart just filled up and my mouth went agape. (The results of poetry DEEPLY affecting me!) Keep it up!

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