[Book Review] Megge of Bury Down

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Name: Megge Of Bury Down
Book One of The Bury Down Chronicles
Author: Rebecca Kightlinger
Genre: Historical Fiction

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In thirteenth century Cornwall, young Megge has just come of age to be apprenticed to her mother, the healer of Bury Down. But first, she must accept and vow to protect The Book of Seasons, an ancient tome that holds life-sustaining power harnessed centuries earlier by Murga, the first seer of Bury Down.

At her vowtaking ceremony, yearning to accept her inheritance and take her place among her family’s long line of healers and seers, Megge reaches for the book. When she touches it, she feels something writhe within it and becomes convinced that the book is cursed and that she too will be cursed if she accepts it.

Despite her mother’s pleas to protect the book from the one who would usurp its power, Megge refuses to even look at it. But when a Blackfriar abbot arrives in the village claiming to be under orders to root out heretics and imprisons the healer for failing to turn over her “demon’s book,” will Megge finally be persuaded to take that vow?

Synopsis via Goodreads.

Well, let me just start saying that I love this book a lot!! I have been intrigued by historical fiction overall for a long time but somehow have never ever picked a book for the same. Well, I love the characters, the pace, the behaviour and the aesthetic of the book. I think readers of all ages will love the book! So why not give it a try!

The story seemed a bit slow, but, it needed to be according to the situations present in the book. If the book had been faster, the readers (or let’s say I) would have not been able to understand and match up the scenes forthcoming in the book. Also, I love the cover. (sparklllly!!)

The imagery of author just is spread across this book, if it were like a thousand paged book, I still would have enjoyed it like anything. The insights, the transition from the past to the present, the dreams and the bury down seem so so real to me. The book is set around 13th century, a world which is just impossible for me to even imagine, hats off to Rebecca for presenting it in such a beautiful way.

Megge’s mother is one of my favorite character, I don’t know how but somehow the character intrigued me so much that I just wanted to keep learning more about her and I am sure you will love to learn about her as well. Talking about Megge, she is just a different person altogether, she just keeps wishing to learn more and learn new, a kid everyone would love to be. Again, one more aspect that makes it a good read are “The imperfect characters.”, I mean the characters having flaws just add the touch of naturality (you know what i mean, right?!)

Well, grab the book one fast! I’ll be reviewing the book two in a day or two!

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Thank you Rebecca and Frolic Blog Tours for the book! I really enjoyed it!

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Rebecca Kightlinger holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA program and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle. A fulltime writer and literary critic, she divides her workday between researching and writing the Bury Down Chronicles,  reviewing novels for the Historical Novel Society, and reading fiction submissions for New England Review. She travels to Cornwall to carry out on-site research for each book of the Bury Down series.

 In her twenty years of medical practice as an obstetrician gynecologist, she had the privilege of caring for the women of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Guyana, South America. A lifetime Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a member of the American Association for the History of Medicine, she also studies ancient medicine, medieval midwifery, the history of Cornwall, and the manuscripts and arts of the mystical healer.

She and her husband live in Pennsylvania.






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That is it for today people! Oof! a review after a month, I missed it! I am back tho, up and regular again i guess!


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