Turquoise – A Poetry

She sleeps turquoise,
the dark numbing the souls of her feet
the stars drying the sores of the heat
and the blankets shiver under her breath,
she is darkening,
she is returning.

She sleeps turquoise,
in her dreams she runs nocent through the grass
the mizzle pours on her skin,
scarring her cheeks,
she smiles sitting in the dark,
she returns.

She sleeps turquoise,
in her eyes glows the moon,
waiting for her to reach out to it soon,
but she awaits, sitting under the stars,
her gaze averts
the dazzling opium,
she fumbles through the sky
waiting to reach the horizon,
the darkness is returning,
she is darkening.



4 thoughts on “Turquoise – A Poetry

  1. I don’t know how you do it….but you do it every single time….you’re writings are simply beautiful….with amazing depths….this imagery is so intense….from turquoise to darkness….what can I say more….your words touch me deep…. & then I stare at the darkness from my window

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