Pretty || A week in words || Post 3!

Title: (Skinny Girls) are Pretty

You the one reading this,
Go to the Sun
tell him to change the behavior,
radiate the night
‘cause you feel the heat.

Wrap your minds
keep it to yourself
your tongue is tied
to the mind which has gone bitter.

Are there any thoughts you have
in me saying this?
You are pretty
I am pretty and
so is everybody.

No curves to be shamed
No cheeks to be pulled and laughed on
Just look at the smile they have
Aren’t they just mesmerizing
at all?

Muscles do not tweak
Is it the only work you have?
No body mass to be hurt
Please be ashamed of your thoughts.

Do not be scared
He is there
She is here
I am everywhere too,

There are people to hold
you tight,
just like the sun rising after
the howls of night,
Smile wide and turn your
backs to them.

They do not deserve the truth of you.

You are pretty,
I am pretty
And everybody is too!


All of the ones, don’t be ashamed of your body, your color and me calling a boy pretty. Everybody is pretty, aren’t they? Smile and respect everyone, We live in a world of smiles and respect. Be happy and hold everyone together.

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