[Book Tour + Review] Dangerous Women by Hope Adams

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Name: Dangerous Women
Author: Hope Adams
Genre: Historical Fiction/Historical Mystery
Publishing Date: March 4th, 2021
Publisher: Michael Joseph Publishing

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1841: A voyage full of women guilty of crimes are being transported from England to Van Diemen’s Island. Rajah/Tasmania was known to be a vessel for “starting a new journey/life”. On this, around 200 women and ten children had been boarded. When one of the women gets wounded badly, the vessel thrums with despair and haunt of being killed. There was someone who wanted to kill and so many people who could be. Will there be anyone who would be able to find the devil mind?

The book is extremely moving and poignantly written. When you start reading it, the plot is kind of confusing but as you move ahead, the things that unfurl makes it fun to read! You will never wish to put it down. It is not just based on imagery but it feels a lot life-like if you actually get into it carefully. The characterization feels so real and on the spot. Combining stories of so many women and then combining them into a beautiful storyline is just beautiful. (i keep using beautiful because it is beautiful.

‘Dangerous Women’ actually combines fiction and real life events together. There is a real knitted quilt named ‘The Rajah Quilt’ (I guess) by these women who were on the board of the ship. And while none of us were actually there, Hope Adams does a beautiful job in making us live that beautiful life in history. The book also moves around “then” and “now” which helps the reader get more engaged with the character and get the actual facts about them as well.

Overall, this has been such a beauty! I will read it again! Such an amazing book! Just grab it!

oh yeah 10/5 stars for it! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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Thank you so much Gaby Young, Michael Joseph Publishing and Adele Geras for the beautiful copy of the book!


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