A month in Poem || The Galaxy of Disappearing Moons || National/Global Poetry Writing Month || Day One

National Poetry Writing Month is back and I just cannot be more excited about it! It is the same period of time when I started this blog, also TOMORROW IS MY FIRST BLOG ANNIVERSARY!

So, what is National Poetry Writing Month?

Basically, for all-month-long you write one poem each day. There are various websites through which you can get prompts to write on, but, they are totally optional and you can write your heart out. The point is to push poets all over the world to write consistently! Personally, I read other poets’ work on the National Poetry Writing Month Website handled by a poetry blogger herself!

So, here is the first poetry of this month and sorry if you keep seeing more poetry than bookish posts this month!

For today’s prompt, brainstorming and getting to a new place was the theme and I decided to stick with it!

The Galaxy of Disappearing Moons

We croquet ourselves into the looms
Descendants of the moor,
clutch to the hands of linen
which shine under the night skies
and burn into the  skins when
the light goes a-par

The eunoia of living grasps
the souls together in the stars
of the dark nights.
We curb around and glow
to split the sins
and walk around blossoming.

The moons are our homes
Palpable and bright
blinding the eyes
and the holes we don’t see
are the ones we fall in.

Will you come out of it?
Maybe not,
Just land on the house of others
and they will not grasp the hollow
jeopardize the values
and pop the bubbles of dreams.

We live in the world of
disappearing moons,
None to hold us
in none we can live.



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