Heavenward || Book Spotlight

Hello and welcome to the Heavenward blog tour hosted by Terminal Tours.

About the Book

When angels initiate a war, humans on Apkallu die.

Deprived of human worshipping, angels resort to burning human souls to sustain themselves, when the ancient Qal of an assassinated archangel wakes up on Earth inside a human, disturbing the precarious peace.

Holding the key to all three realms, the allegiance of this archangel will mean eternal dominance in a game on a global scale.

Thrown into a battle of courts, tangled in a web of intrigues and palatial games, naïve Ariel is surrounded by powerful factions, chasing their own agendas. There’s no one she can trust; everyone stands to gain something from her death.

In the “CELESTIAL CREATURES” series you will find immersive world-building, Sumerian language and religion, re-imagined Christian mythology, new blood-thirsty creatures, plenty of sword fighting, the final grand battle and high-octane adventure throughout.


Sneak Peek of First Words

My English class is empty and silent when I get in. Only a lonely, trapped fly is buzzing and beating on the window, desperate to be free. 

Over the next fifteen minutes, the room slowly fills with pupils. 

But when the door creaks open once again, the morning chatter of the room subsidies to a hushed murmur, and as I raise my eyes from my notebook to see what had that effect on the class, I see him. 


He stands by the door. An arrogant half smile plays on his full, perfectly curved lips, flaunting an irresistible dimple on his right cheek as he inspects the room. With a barely audible sigh, a few girls melt in their chairs, stupid smiles pulling at their lips as they eagerly eye Sam. 

His eyes meet mine and he gives me a wink, and a brighter smile blossoms on his face as he makes his way towards the end the room, past me, choosing the seat right behind me.


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