The List of Book Blog Tour Companies || For Authors, Bloggers and Bookstagrammers!

If you have been around for a while on my blog, you know I love to participate in Blog Tours! They are not only a way to help authors but also a way to stay updated with upcoming book trends, upcoming books in the genres you like! I have been looking out for more and more companies and when I search on the web, only a few pop-out! I do not see some of the best tour companies on there! So here I am! Presenting a list of Blog Tour Companies!

The list below is in no particular order, but, I have tried to cover as many blog tour companies as I could! Thank you so much!

(Please note that I am not getting any fund or anything from list, this is just something to help the authors and the bloggers!)

What actually is a book blog tour?

Book blog tour is actually a virtually promotional tour where the bloggers are given Advance Review Copies or Review Copies and the bloggers promote the books by posting reviews, creative posts (Mood boards, playlists, journal spread, favorite quotes etc.), Interviews, Guest Posts and just excerpt sometimes! These Review copies are provided by the publishers or by the authors themselves.

Now, blog tours are a two way process. If the publishers are providing a copy (digital or paperback or hardback), they do expect an honest review from you. And while the blog tours do not intend to post reviews or any material which will make a bad expression, it is preferred that if you have honest reviews which less than the preferred stars, you can post it! but after the blog tour! Also, the bloggers are expected to post on the particular dates chosen, makes it easier for the blogger, the tour company and the publishers/authors!

It is also a gem for authors to promote their works easily!

The blog tour companies listed below are the ones which have been active in recent period of time. If your blog tour company has not been added to the list, please contact me through the contact form, or dm me on twitter or instagram! In-case any information provided below is wrong or missing something or you want your listing to be removed, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Linktree or similar links will be provided if I find them.

Blog Tour Companies:

(Before signing up as a host, please read their policies. Highly recommend doing that! Not reading the guidelines will solely be responsibility of the blogger. All the link in the post re-direct you to the particular tour company’s page. )

  • Hear Our Voices Book Tours (no updates for a while) – While they open to all genres (I guess!), the chance of being host for a particular tour is given according to the representation! Own Voices Book Tours.
    That means, if a book is south asian, preference will be given to south asian bloggers. But, it is not limited to south asian bloggers if the publisher or the author keeps the tour open for all!
    “Services” page
    Sign up here to be a tour host
  • MTMC Tours – Mainly focus on YA books but accepts New Adult and Adult books which can be loved by YA readers! Most of their blog tours require you to also have a bookstagram. More focused on bookstagram tours! Though, there are only-blog tours available now and then.
    “Services” page
    Sign up here to be a tour host

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