Swan Song Of My Era || Book Review + Blog Tour

Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful people who identify as women! Thanking everyone who has been supportive all along! I am so glad to be part of this tour and getting today to shout a word about this beautiful book.

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TITLE:  Swan Song of My Era
AUTHOR: Elsie Swain
PUBLISHER: Okiyoto Publishing
RELEASE DATE: April 13, 2021
GENRES: YA Contemporary


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What happens when Hope Vale, an aspiring Vitiligo make-up artist who wants to eradicate the market of whitening products meets Spes Zrey, an arrogant Hugo-Boss awardee struggling to shape her Designer dream, as they envision reshaping Asia into the next fashion empire together?

Set in Malaysia, this Contemporary Fiction is all about the grueling ambition against all hurdles of reality to break the confinements of Gender and the stereotypes of preferred white beauty in Asia.

I am very grateful to Turn The Pages Book Tours and the author for sending the copy for reading!

Spes Zrey is like my alter ego. Well, I was super intrigued and tied up while reading the character of Spes, a strong-powerful-fighting against every stereotype to choose a career in fashion. I enjoyed how she thought about various aspects at once as well as taking care of the family. It was so beautiful, the way character development has been written so gracefully that I was tucked in.

On the other hand, we have Hope Vale, just like the name, which brings hope in the life of Spes and the whole book. The character has very unique and heartfelt and touched my soul. Spes is still my favourite but I cannot complain! It was so difficult to choose!

The book started a little slow but burned flames right after the first interaction between Hope and Spes. (I have so many tabs in the book now, that I get panting if I start choosing a favourite scene.) Together, the duo kept fighting to eradicate what they felt was wrong, and there are so many deep conversations. Empowering and yet strong female leads with Asian representation, LGBTQIA+ representation. This book has my heart!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A super-duper 4/5 book! Definitely pick it up!

You can find the author on Author’s Instagram and give them a follow and a cheer after reading their book! Kudos!

And that is all for today! Have an awesome day. Have you read Swan Song of My Era? If yes, what are your views on the same? If not, do you plan to pick it up!?


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