[Cover Reveal] The Wrath of Hellfires by Shatrujeet Nath

Here I am, presenting the cover of book four of the amazing book series -Vikramaditya Veergatha But, before that! A little bit about the other three books! While I have not read the books, I have recently added them to my TBR and wish to buy them soon! Book 1: The Guardians of the Halahala... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Space Kids by Alan Nettleton

An amazing concept and an alluring story-line. A world in which the children tend to lose themselves is presented by Alan Nettleton in this book. Lose yourself into the space, get the fuel for your spaceships and get ready to have an adventure to a new planet. A perfect read for kids and a fun short refresher for adults!

[Book Review] Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

Name: Yellow Jessamine Author: Caitlin StarlingGenre: Horror/FantasyISBN: 978-1-952086-03-8Release Date: 15th September, 2020 Pre-order from Neon-Hemlock Ratings: Plot: ★★★★ Cover: ★★★★★ Caitlin Starling’s Yellow Jessamine is a dark novella. It is a quick read yet a very intriguing one. Yellow Jessamine basically means Yellow Jasmine which is a pretty interesting title for the novel. The exact... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Princess of Thorns

Princess of Thorns by Tessonja Odette Prequel of Lela Triology Genre: Fantasy Add On Goodreads Find The Trilogy on Amazon The prequel is available for free, just stay tuned till I drop the link for you! ↤↤↤↤↤ ↝ ↦↦↦↦↦ Plot: Princess Mareleau is the only daughter of The King Verdian and The Queen Helena of... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Skate The Thief

Name: Skate The ThiefBook 1 of The Rag and Bone ChroniclesAuthor: Jeff AyersGenre: Fantasy/Fiction Find it on Goodreads Find it on Amazon Ratings: Story Line: ★★★★★ Cover: ★★★★★ Review: ~ The book let my expectations to be true. The cover is very pleasant and so is the storyline. It retrives emotions upto the point. Once... Continue Reading →

The Palace of Illusions: Book Review

Name: The Palace of IllusionsAuthor: Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniISBN: 978-0-330-45853-5Genre: Fiction Find it on Goodreads Ratings: Story line: ★★★★★ Book Cover: We have heard the tales of warriors. Often, we are told and reminded how great they were, fought their own family for the right. They were the true warriors who never let themselves down. Epics... Continue Reading →

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