Ocean of Souls:Poetry

The distant sea calls me,Waves sailing me aboard,There are secrets, hiddenbeneath the blue of all,I hear it ringingSouls of the buriedfunerals remain unattended,The blizzard forth-comingThe eyes vulnerable to seeturning the ship distraught,Their afterlife has already been caught,Screams shushed a day agoSome of voices years ago,If i jump into the ocean of souls,Will they wish to … Continue reading Ocean of Souls:Poetry


[Book Review] Space Kids by Alan Nettleton

An amazing concept and an alluring story-line. A world in which the children tend to lose themselves is presented by Alan Nettleton in this book. Lose yourself into the space, get the fuel for your spaceships and get ready to have an adventure to a new planet. A perfect read for kids and a fun short refresher for adults!

[Book Review] Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

Name: Yellow Jessamine Author: Caitlin StarlingGenre: Horror/FantasyISBN: 978-1-952086-03-8Release Date: 15th September, 2020 Pre-order from Neon-Hemlock Ratings: Plot: ★★★★ Cover: ★★★★★ Caitlin Starling’s Yellow Jessamine is a dark novella. It is a quick read yet a very intriguing one. Yellow Jessamine basically means Yellow Jasmine which is a pretty interesting title for the novel. The exact … Continue reading [Book Review] Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

[Book Review] Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews

“Thoughtful application? Lineage? Legacy?”  Name: Secret LegacyBook 1 of The Windhaven WitchesAuthor: Carissa AndrewsGenre: FantasyRelease date: September 15, 2020 Ratings: Cover: ★★★★★ Story-line: ★★★★★ Character Development: ★★★★ Did the plot-line receive some love? Proficiently, let’s say, ‘it is one of my favorites.’ The plotline of the book is not anything extraordinary. It moves effortlessly and is neither fast-paced nor slow (smooooth!). The book enters the top list as the sentence formation and … Continue reading [Book Review] Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews