Stay With You – A Poetry for Soul

A poem to mumble to yourself while looking in the mirror. Each and every human on earth matters. Save lives, stay safe, keep smiling! The words will disappear,At that moment I'll be there,Gleaming and smiling staringInto the eyes of your,And the flick of gestureWill break the tears,My soul will remain at the sideOf yours,I will... Continue Reading →

Melony Feast (Poem 24 NaPoWriMo)

Do you love watermelons just like me? That red refreshing fruit! I love it! Well, here's a poem 'an ode to watermelons'. On sweet sweaty days on summer, My mother used to bring sweet juicy melon, As a little girl mother would make me spit the black out, I wonder why haven’t the tree grown... Continue Reading →

Photographs (Poem 19 NaPoWriMo)

Do you still smile, just like the times of your photographs shot? You didn't care of fallen tooth, nor of the strangled hair. All that was important were happy moments of life. You smiled and giggled, tumbled down a few times, ran to your mother, crying and nuzzling into your mother's lap. There were toys... Continue Reading →

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