Picking Out Books For The Half-September II The September TBR List.

Welcome back everyone!  Half of the September is gone but here are some books I plan to read and probably finish in the coming half.

A lot of books just got added to my TBR but I am picking out a few of them. You are welcome to suggest more books and give your opinions about the books listed below. Do share your views about the covers below.

With the TBR, I am also laying my expectations about the books. Well, you will know about the expectations when you read the review. So, let’s get started.  

1. The Kingdom Of Back by Marie Lu

I remember reading an excerpt of the book on Bookish-First. This book particularly intrigued me as it includes magic and music. It is the story of Nannerl. Story of Mozart’s sister who grew up when ladies were not allowed to follow their passion. With a lot of love for music she tried to make her a space for herself in everyone’s heart, but, when they did not accept her, she decided to loose herself in a world of her own.

I haven’t read many historical fictions but I look forward to loving this one! Really looking forward to know the world of Nannerl and Mozart. I hope the book keeps me intrigued throughout.

2. The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

I heard a lot of them talking about this book.

and so I bought it! Now, I have a lot of expectations for this one. I’m quite new to this author and I have not read ‘Everything, Everything’. I’m not really sure how much I am going to love the story but I surely love the small beautiful lines present in the book.

Yes! Already am reading it and I quite like it.

3. The Blackstone Ritual by Swearingen Durham

So far so good. I am a few chapters in the book and it feels well-written so far. The language is funny and witty and it is a fast-paced story as far as I have been into the book!

I guess this will turn out to be a good book!

Oh well! Just three books for now. I have a lot more which have not been picked out yet. I’m coming back soon with an interesting post. So, keep reading and having fun. Do not forget to share you TBRs with me as I would love to add books from your TBR to mine.


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