Monstrous Design by Kat Dunn || Book Review || A Queer Dark Science Fantasy Story

Can you follow the story that will blow your mind out?

Name: Monstrous Design
Sequel to Dangerous Remedy but can be read as Standalone
Genre: Dark Sci-Fi, Historical, Fantasy
Publishing Date: 10th June, 2021
Publisher: Zephyr

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Following the thrills and spills of Dangerous Remedy, the Battalion of the Dead return in a dazzling new adventure, set amid the opulence and squalour of 18th-century London and Paris.

1794, London: Camille and Al are desperately hunting Olympe’s kidnapper. From the glamorous excesses of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to the city’s seedy underbelly, they are caught in a dangerous game of lies and deceit. And a terrible new enemy lies in wait with designs more monstrous than they could ever imagine… Can Camille play on to the end or will she be forced to show her hand?

In Paris, the Duc is playing his own dangerous games. With Ada in his thrall, old loyalties are thrown into question. The Battalion are torn apart as never before, and everything – Ada’s love for Camille, her allegiance to the battalion itself – is under threat.

(From Goodreads)

Never have I ever read Dangerous Remedy but I LOVED MONSTROUS DESIGN!

When I started reading this book, I thought that I would not be able to understand anything because I do not have any context of Dangerous Remedy but really the book serves as a beautiful standalone in itself.

I love Camille so so much. She is super strong and powerful woman but she has that beautiful soft side for Ada that shows how she hides her feelings from people. The deadly plan and the finding of Olympe, wow! Also, enjoyed the soft and caring side of Olympe towards James.

James is a character which keeps making mistakes but tries to make them better. Does not make them right most of the times but yes.

The characters are discussed in very depth and I really enjoyed reading the world building. There are so many point of views and I just love it. It is always great to know how each character feels and behaves and why do they behave in that kind of way. Also really liked that while there several point of views, the book remains in third person giving out that strong vibe of narrator who speaks on stage.

The pace is fast and you will never know when you have finished and put down the book. The energy and the thought process, the research seems amazing. It is set in history but yet seems ahead of time due to the presence of Olympe. I guess people who have read book one would have more context about it.

The side characters are equally amusing and important in the book too. I feel like without them the book would have felt a little incomplete. Overall, I loved this book and now am finding a way to buy book one as it is not available on Amazon India. Help meeeee!!!

Love Kat’s Writing! Definitely going to pick more books!

Representation: Queer, Biracial
Content Warning: Blood, Memories of Child Abuse, Accident, Experiments on People.


Kat Dunn grew up in London and has lived in Japan, Australia and France.

She has a BA in Japanese from SOAS and an MA in English from Warwick. She’s written about mental health for Mind and The Guardian, and worked as a translator for Japanese television.

Her fiction has been shortlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition, and Dangerous Remedy is her first novel.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @KatAliceDunn

Thank you so much Amber @Midaspr for sending the copy my way!

Have you read any books like this before? Have you read Monstrous Design or Dangerous Remedy? Share your thoughts about them!


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