Queen Of Happiness : Poetry

Today when I turned around,
To look to my past
I didn’t break anymore,
Smiled softly, hugging the memories one last time,
Stacked them one on one,
Lit a match-stick,
Burnt what was raw
The ones that remained intact
were sailed in water, 
which will flow down to the sea
and never return to me or wander.

I’m not new; just not the old one anymore,
I don’t see hides in small things anymore,
I smile when I see a child giggling,
The doors which were cemented sound so bluff,
bleeding my palm as I break them down,
But it’s okay to be hurt a bit, 
when you have sun shining high above,

The millets have risen high above;
I’m the sunlight penetrating the dark forest,
Darkness is scared of me, 
I still adore it anyways.
Giving out a smile, as I listen to the hustles,
of the leaves crackling behind,
The forest closing itself for me to never enter into it.
I smile hug the roots,
The shoots hold my body, I feel rising up in the air slowly,
The darkness fades out,
Sun breathes on my body,
I was the princess of darkness,
Conquering the throne,
To become the next light,
I am the queen of happiness, shining bright.



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