This poetry has no title.

Scarred and creased
With pain and a little hope,
Your twinkle when the Sun falls,
And your smile makes me calm,
A little bit stronger too,
To hold onto you.

The concinnity lures me,
There are hidden doors
Locked somewhere labyrinth,
Hollow pieces scattered around,
I need to mould up again.

I’m scared to attend
What lies deep inside,
But I can’t see you in pain,
You cannot hide anymore,

It warms me down
When you hold onto me,
Give me hope when the
Darkness falls upon.

And when we hold hands,
the doors will shatter,
our skins be scarred
a smile will still tingle.

This is the last time I ask,
Am I the one with whom
you take path?
The friendship will last forever,
We can’t be broke,
nobody else matters.


9 thoughts on “Poetry

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      1. Who would think you wrote this lovely piece in a 10 minute break?πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Loved it thoughπŸ₯°πŸ₯°


  1. Magnificent right from the very first word….I feel there’s a reason, why this poem has no name….it’s because it’s simply a beautiful poetry, coming from the deeper & perhaps hidden side of your being….you’re searching, exploring, evolving….I’ve read this poem twice….the second time, it was even more intense & more beautiful than the first time….there’re so many different shades….I feel, such poem can’t be written for the sake of simply writing poetry….it’s the expression, coming from your heart….a beautiful sharing, Krupali

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