[Book Review] Skate The Thief

Name: Skate The Thief
Book 1 of The Rag and Bone Chronicles
Author: Jeff Ayers
Genre: Fantasy/Fiction

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Story Line:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


~ The book let my expectations to be true. The cover is very pleasant and so is the storyline. It retrives emotions upto the point. Once you pick the book up, you will not wish to keep it down if you are a fantasy lover like me.

~ There is magic, drama, feelings and yes, Action! Worth giving a try, you will not regret that decision at all.

~ Skate is a thief working with ‘The Ink’, a local crime syndicate for her living. A witty and grown not-to-be-caught while house breaks. While doing her work, trying to get a big haul from a house, she gets caught red-handed by the powerful wizard.

In exchange to keep a secret about this and to give her a shelter in his own house, he makes a deal with her that she has to find and steal books for him, but, she should only pick the ones which are not already present in his humongous library.

There are secrets which are laid in the house. The Ink will not accept her if she doesn’t return to them with items worth money.

Will she get out of the house with a lot of money? The items around looked like that.

There is someone else too, trying to grab money from everyone, with magic. Will Skate be able to get out of this?

Check out the book to find the answers.

~ The book is very well paced. It moves rhythmically and gets into a detailed skit at points where needed.

~ The book is ideal for ages 9+, though the words used inside may need a from a dictionary occasionally.

Read the first chapter of the book here.

About The Author:

Jeff Ayers is an author and avid reader of fantasy and science fiction stories. He began playing with the idea of writing a book way back in middle school, and has been practicing ever since. He is an English teacher living in northwest Arkansas (Go, Razorbacks!) with his wife, two kids, and two dogs, whom he loves very dearly. 

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I hope you like the review! Please share your views about it with me. Check the book out as well, it’s a debut novel and is really good!


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