[Book Review] Perfection

Name: Perfection
Book 1 of Code Perfect Series
Author: Larissa Emerald
Genre: Thriller/Science Fiction

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Story Line:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Main Characters:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


While the story-line is good, I was not very intrigued into it for a first few chapters but as I kept running my eyes forward and reading it, the beautiful story-line of the book spread out. I loved read the detailing present in the book. What disappointed me during the read was the ending. It was like, I am reading and reading and suddenly it is wrapped up!

The year is 2226 and technology has reached the heights. On one side are the GEIs (Genetically Engineered Individuals) and then are the Coders (normal humans). The GEIs are developed such that the body becomes immune to all the diseases, the mind grows faster than the normal human

Chicago PD Lieutenant York Richmond is a Coder having interests in things of 21st century. He does not support the difference observed in the world between the GEIs and Coders.

Dr. Kindra B-Zaika’s life tunes between enhancing the details of the future generations with technology and her daughter.

The things in the perfect world change when the daughter of WHO’s regional director dies. The two year old D-generation GEI dies due to an unknown reason. Soon, other kids of D-generation as well as the coder children are dying.

York despite his hate for GEIs has to work with Dr B-Zaika to find out the cure of the disease and the one hidden behind out-smarting the perfection.

Being a Sci-Fi book, the technology imagined and written attain a lot of admiration towards the book. It is a world full of robots, just like we imagine it to be in the future. The author lays a perfect picture (Perfection!) of the coming years as per the eyes of the readers. Everything you imagine will be found here, take a dip into the world of perfection.

The book is fast paced and of-course entitles a lot of little details present in it. If the ending would have not jumped so suddenly, it would have got a perfect score from me.

The book can be enjoyed by readers of age six-teen and above. The writing style is amazing, the sentence formations is again perfect!

So, what do you think about it?
Should we Muse it or Muse it not?!

For sure, Muse it! Give the book a chance.

About The Author:

Larissa writes paranormal, futuristic and contemporary romances.  She has a bachelor’s degree in English from University of Central Florida.  And she’s totally enjoying the writing journey.

A combination of her love of reading and her vivid imagination–plus an avid desire to rewrite the endings of the movies that made her beyond frustrated–led her into the world of writing.  The first stories she wrote were for her children.  She loves to play with words, to bring out the beauty in simple emotions, to go to that place which makes her think and contemplate and analyze the wonderful thing we call life.

On the home front she wears a dozen or so hats.  Life is never dull with two grown children and four grandkids to keep her laughing.  Her husband loves to sweep her away to remote out-of-doors locales.  One goal is to visit all the major National Parks.  

She’s worked with children for more than thirty years as a reading teacher, a coach for state and national champion baton twirlers and dance teams, and as a Special Olympic softball, basketball and cycling coach.

She’s lived in the same small Florida coast town for her entire life.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling, tending the vegetable garden, baking and cooking, usually altering the recipe, and, of course, reading awesome books.

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