The Reindeer Readathon || December TBR || Ending the year with a new thing!

Oh well, I have never done this before! But, I am so excited!

Reindeer Readathon is hosted by Eric @ BreakEven Books! I found this Readathon through the TBR video of Mis Hashmi, so, a huge shout out to her for connecting me to more book lovers!

Unfortunately, the sign-ups for the readathon has been closed but everyone is welcome to join the prompts and share them on different social media. The readathon will run from 1st-31st December where the participants will read the books according to the prompts. These prompts are inspired by Santa’s reindeers! This year there are five different teams which will be competing with each other to win the readathon!

The group that got assigned to me is Team SnowFlake lead by Hilary @ Melted Books!


There are nine prompts and two bonus prompts, each having different points! On top of that, only one book can be used for one prompt. Only the bonus prompts can be overlapped with the actual ones. So, I guess I’ll be reading around ten books this month! And, before we get onto the TBR, let me give you a glimpse of the prompts.


hopping to the TBR

DASHER ( 15 points )

A book with one word title.

I picked it up due to the cover, that’s the honest thing. Marlene is actually a translation by Mark Polizzotti. I guess this was originally written by Philippe Djian in French, I am not sure about this fact but I have had researched about it before. Also, this book is short one (about 200 pages), and will help me reach my goals for reading other books for next prompts.


DANCER (10 points)

A companion novel or a sequel

If you don’t know yet, The WindHaven Witches is one of my favorite series! The review copy of book three, Haunted Legacy, was just gifted to me by the author. Thank you so much Carissa for that! I have loved book one and two, and I hope the book three will turn out great!


PRANCER ( 15 points )

A book with map in it.

I’ve been obsessing over this book for a long time. I have the paperback copy of this book! And now, I wish to read it. Infact this book has two different maps, both so beautiful. Let’s see how “The Kingdom of Back” turns out. I read an excerpt of this book on BookishFirst a long time ago and from that day, I wanted to read the whole book. *swoosh swoosh high hopes*


VIXEN ( 25 points or 20 points )

A book with a fox on cover or A book having a strong female lead character.

*Taaaadaaaaa*! I found it! I found a book with fox on the cover. I do not know how to speak this title, Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. Well not really. While I was watching Eric’s video, he mentioned that the word ‘fox’ would count for the prompt. Annnnddddd I found this book while searching a bit on Goodreads, I do not know how this one will turn out, I just gifted myself a kindle copy of this one. Let’s hope for the best!


COMET ( 30 points )

A book that you find intimidating.

chills, chills, chills. Rushdie has always fascinated me by coming to the headlines somewhere here or there. For the longest time I have been wishing to give his books a try but for some reason have never even picked them up. Finally, I bought this book a few weeks ago and Rushdie is one of the most intimidating writers I’ve come across. Let’s see what adventures we feel while reading Midnight’s Children.


CUPID ( 10 points )

Read a genre that you love.

Fantasy, oh la la! So, this book has been in my TBR even before it was released. The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue is a group read for the readathon and so I decided to conquer the opportunity and finish it with so many more people! The book is set in France of 1914 and honestly I haven’t read many historical fictions so I hope this goes good for me!


DONNER ( 15 points)

A book with something hidden inside.

Kaur has beautiful illustrations in her books. Even though I have not read all poems from Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, I want to give home body a try. Also, this is going to be first poetry book I read. *is very exciteedddd!!*


BLITZEN ( 20 points )

A book with some sort of struggle.

I do not think I need to explain the type of struggle we’ll be dealing in this one. Again, in my last WWW Wednesday, I discussed that I wanted to read Thirteen Reasons Why right after Hunted by the sky. Right, this is going to be good going to be good going to be good (trying to convince myself.)


RUDOLF ( 20 points )

A book where the main character doesn’t seem to fit.

Eh. I am not sure which book to read for this one, I would seriously like some suggestions for this prompt. Any help for choosing a book for this one would be appreciated!


Bonus Points!!

Christmas Star: For this Bonus point, it will be in conjunction with the prompt “Comet”, I guess Midnight’s Children has about 600 pages or so and thus it can be counted with this one.

Sleighing it: Wohoo! Let’s hope I can finish all the books so that I can reach till the end and claim rewards for this one! Let’s see what happens!


That is it for today people! I have been waiting to read so much again for last two months, I have not been able to read much for last two months and I have high hopes for my TBR and for the last month of the year! You can also suggest other books for me to read! Lots of love!


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